About Us

Within the Capes’ Conservation land, Crowes Pasture is the home of over 500,000 oysters. The Oyster Company’s beds reside where the fresh water of Quivet Neck Creek meets Cape Cod Bay. The crisp salt waters & flushing fresh creek provides the quintessential home for a growing oyster. Taking nearly 4 years to mature into an adult mollusk, the Oyster Company beds are filled with oysters of all ages. Harvested year round, the 200 oyster beds are tended to by the Oyster Company’s owner, Greg Burns; ensuring these infamous oysters are the freshest around.

Rich in zinc and calcium, this delicacy served on the half shell has seafood lovers addicted. At $1.25  a piece, the Oyster Company’s “Raw Deal” running daily until 6:30pm, keeps their oyster shuckers busy. Oyster aficionados can attest that Quivet Neck Oysters are the most delicious treats out of Cape Cod Bay.

Passionately serving an array of delicacies, there are endless dishes to please your taste buds. Between their eclectic bar menu and evolving dinner specials, there is always something new to enjoy. Accompanying their scrumptious menu, the Oyster Company’s dedicated staff is something to admire. Their fervor for excellence and commitment to providing a sincere dining experience is infectious. Find this local gem along the winding streets of Cape Cod & come see what all the excitement is about.

The Oyster Company Raw Bar & GrilleThe Oyster Company Raw Bar & GrilleThe Oyster Company Raw Bar & Grille